Domestic 3PL Provider

With our vast distribution network and partner companies Local 3PL to Fukuyama Biagi Logistics means anywhere in the USA or most countries in Asia. We have the local logistics professionals and the right equipment to move or store your freight.


3PL Logistics

Do you require a local logistics partner? Whether you are located in the USA, Japan, Vietnam, China Thailand or other parts of Asia, the Fukuyama Biagi Logistics companies can provide local logistics solutions. With our vast array of local transportation terminals, warehouses, local truck fleets and even a railway in Japan, we can provide your company with the expertise required to get your product to market.

Local Logistics & 3PL Services

Our clients around the world rely upon us for three main reasons: Value, Expertise & Customer Service. We have worked hard to build a trusted network, and as a result have established many long lasting and enduring partnerships.

Domestic Logistics

Collaboration & Partnership

Finding the right 3PL partner for your business is not an easy task. We can sometimes be dazzled by the latest bells and whistles. At Fukuyama Biagi Logistics we understand that what you need is a local partner, with the right tools to manage your freight effectively and with efficiency.

We work closely with our clients at every stage of the logistics chain. We understand and manage the processes and help make strategic logistical decisions. Our decades of experience in logistics can turn your business growth pains from a concern to a smoothly run operation. In short, understanding and growing your business is our business. Our success is always measured through your eyes.

Customized & Flexible Solutions

Fukuyama Biagi Logistics is a 3PL company that tailors its approach to meet your individual requirements.

Fukuyama Biagi local resources, include fleets of trucks and trailers, our own railway serving Japan, distribution centers and terminals, millions of square feet of food-grade warehouse space, all strategically located near major highways and sea ports across the USA and Asia. We can help you expand to new regions or simply streamline your operations. Constant upgrading of our IT capabilities enables us to ensure that you get the most out of the cutting-edge logistics technology available.