Domestic Transportation Logistics

Imagine a 3PL – Global Logistics partner that can provide domestic transportation, warehousing, distribution and logistics solutions … and in the countries you need to ship. Fukuyama Biagi Logistics have their own distribution facilities across Asia and the USA. We don’t just ship and then hand your freight off to someone. We can, in many of our locations, provide door to door service for your shipments, and all with our own equipment.

25m truck

Warehousing and Distribution

Trucking Services

The Fukuyama Biagi Logistics team has for decades provided trucking and transportation services to their customers. We know trucking and how to get your freight to market in an efficient manner. Long before we were logistics providers we were trucking companies. Our businesses were built on service and more service, both in Asia and the USA. You can trust our companies to deliver your freight.

Distribution Services

Pick up, Delivery, Consolidation, De-Stuffing, Warehousing and Distribution are services provided on a local basis with our own equipment where you need it. Whether shipping from Asia to the USA or the USA to Asia, we have the equipment on hand to handle your freight … locally.